Delivery programme

Sand separator DS

Operating principle

The waste water to be cleaned flows through the inlet nozzle of the PDS sand separator into the sedimentation tank, where the solid particles settle down. The low speed of the screw conveyor favours sedimentation. The dehydrated material is delivered through the feed screw upwards. Due to the oblique angle of the discharge screw, water flows back and thus a relatively dry product is delivered on the upper outlet.


• Stainless steel container

• Heavy duty shaftless feed screw in wear resistant mild steel or stainless steel

• Trough made of stainless steel, lined with screwed stainless steel wearing rails

• Liquid flow rate: 5 l/s to 36 l/s

• Solids discharge: 0.22 m3/h to 1.3 m3/h

• No storage under water

• Low installation and maintenance costs

• Shaftless, heavy duty and durable screw conveyor

• Low screw speed

• Easily replaceable screwed wearing rails

• Available with sand scrubber

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