Delivery programme

Drum screen PTSI, internal fed drum screen

Operating principal

PTSI is a free-standing rotary drum screen. The waste water is fed to the front face of the drum and flows through the rotating drum from inside to outside. The screen drum is designed on the inside with a spiral that transports the separated solids to the opposite end of the screen drump where the solids are discharged. Since the drum is set up at a 5-degree angle in the conveying direction, the screenings are dewatered during transport.


• Screenings separation, conveying and drainage in one operation

• Design as a slot or slot screen with different slot or hole widths

• Suitable for industrial and municipal wastewater

• A spray tube with nozzles and brushes located outside the drum cleans the screens surface if necessary

• Completely made of stainless steel

• High flow rates

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