Delivery programme

Drum screen PTSC, internally loaded drum screen for channels

Operating principle

PTSC is a rotating drum screen with a screw conveyor (with a self-cleaning drainage application) and an optional screenings compression. The waste water flows through the rotating screen drum assembled directly in the channel. The solids separated in the screen drum are transported to the screw screen, which drops the screenings above the channel. In the case of an optional screening compression, the screenings are drained and compressed at the end of the spiral.

Depending on the drum screen size and sieve opening, flow rates of up to 2,000 litres per second can be achieved.


• Screenings separation, conveying and drainage in one operation

• Shaftless spiral without risk of blockage

• Hole or slot screen drum with different slot or hole widths

• If required, the compressor in the upper part is equipped with a washing area for

   washing out organic solids

• High flow rates

• Completely made from stainless steel

• Only one drive unit with low energy consumption

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