Delivery programme

Dissolved air flotation PFP

Operating principle

This flotation works according to the same principle of bubble generation as the PFL model and is used when the build-up of flotation is a bit less.

In contrast to the PFL, in which the separating surface corresponds to the container surface, additional corrugated panels are built into the PFP as a separating surface. This makes the floor area requirement for setup much smaller.


• Standard system of 5 to 200 m3/h capacity

• Stainless steel container

• Efficient recirculation system and micro-bubble generation

• With sediment outlet

• No-blockage corrugated panel package for enlarging the separating surface

• Application with many industrial wastewaters for separating fats, oils, and dissolved pollutants, floating and suspended matter, and settling sediments

• Over 30 years of experience with corrugated panel systems

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