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Dewatering screw for sludge


The machine sludge dewatering is used to reduce the amount of sludge. Separating water from the sludge creates a solid sludge cake. Accordingly, the volume of the sludge is considerably reduced and handling and transportation much easier and cheaper


This dewatering screw has a unique filtration technique that prevent filter blockage through sludge particles, without having to use larger amounts of cleaning water. It is therefore not only to be used for the usual sludge, but also for grease and oil-containing sludge that cannot be treated with other dewatering screws.


Operating principle

The sludge is uniformly fed to the dewatering screw and conditioned by uptitration of polymer (flocculant). Flocculation takes place in the plant belonging to the flocculation tank. From this, the flocculated sludge flows into the dewatering screw. Mixing in and good flake formation are decisive for the drainage result.



• no operator required as fully automatic operation

• very compact design

• quick and easy installation

• very low energy and water requirements

• robust and trouble-free operation

• can be used for different sludges, in particular for oily and greasy sludge

• blockage-free filter system

• easily visible plant

• almost silent operation

• extremely low wear, very low operating costs

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