Delivery programme

Biogas system for slaughterhouse waste

Slaughterhouse waste can be processed into animal feed, or in a biogas system together with other waste materials such as blood, intestines, stomach contents, fatty meat, liquid manure and screening material, and excess sludge from wastewater treatment. Green waste that is present can also be added. Depending on the shredder’s construction, whole pigs can also be disposed of.


Operating principle

Waste is shredded in two levels and fed in after the biogas system’s integrated pasteurisation. The biogas system has a modular structure. The material is mixed through the recirculation of gas via a compressor and with mixers. Operating temperature is between 36 and 38 °C


• Modular, simple concrete construction

• Can be expanded at any time

• No openings in the wall below liquid level

• All technical components accessible from outside

• Maintenance and switching technical parts can be done during regular operation

• Separate gas compressor with constant pressure for filling secure gas tanks

• Material can be loaded with up to 15% dry substance.

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